IxD Controversy : Flat Design and Skeuomorphism

As one of the most burgeoning and recent field, interaction design is closely related to computer science development and technologies around users. Interaction design was born in the 1980s with the p......

Vis Ix Des1 Learning Diary 04

Web Fonts

One of the most important part of fonts, no matter they are web fonts or fonts that we can see in printing and other medium, is the different font families. In the very beginning I thought ......

作品集 2017 - 2018

很荣幸能够凭着这几个项目进入ArtCenter College of Design,并且成功成为2018 Fall IxD的一员。这4个当时用来审核作品就存在这里,纪念一下吧!

Project 1 - Redesigning CoolApk