Interactive Design 2 Learning Diary 06

Apollo and GraphQL

GraphQL is defenitly a brand-new idea for me, considering this is related with databases and sourcing data from the server. But in the reference article, at least I started to understand the idea of query, which is the representation, or a format of gathering data from the server side. The developer provide a model of how the data will be deliver and what are there format. With the proper authentication and provided information, the website is able to source data from the server and the utilize these data. Apollo, on the other hand, seems like a client for arranging all the sourced data. It also give the developer more features beyond React itself provides, such as fetching data with the server from both sides, rather than just reading data, but also modify and create them. Of course all these knowledges are still new to me, but I'll keep looking on more detailed and useful articles and information beside this update log.

Apollo Client 2.0

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