Interactive Design 2 Learning Diary 04

JavaScript ES6

Programming languages always evolve and change. New programming languages such as Swift change a lot. Since the introduction in 2014, Swift changed every year, and now it is in its version 5. Lots of APIs and the usage of differnt functions changes in each version. Though older programming languages are more closer to their stabelized period, there are still inevitable changes happening, just like JS ES6. In the references article, I realized there are lots of simplified and changes happened in ES6, and some of the most obvious ones are these:

  1. Let and Const

    This is actually one of the most confusing one for me, especially when comparing Let, Const with Var. And in Swift, Let is for unchangeable variables while Var is for changeable variables.

  2. Arrow Function

    This is indeed a more simplified process for programmers when they are trying to create a simple function.

  3. For...of Loop

    This is a better way to list and extract all the elements inside an array, which is more efficient and understandable.

All of these new characteristics are newly integrated into the ES6 version of JS. Although I know nothing about the previous syntax of JS, it is still fascinating to compare these different characteristics with other languages.

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