Interactive Design 2 Learning Diary 01

Intro to Java Script and Function (In General)

As one of the most frequently used programming languages for web development and design, Java Script is a entirely new thing to me, besides the similarities it have with other programming language like Python or Swift. Though the most foundational logic as well as programming techniques are generally similar to other programming languages, new characteristics such as different conditional statements like "===" and "!==" are totally different to the other languages I learned before. Some of these different characteristics should be reminded when I try to put JS code together in the future. Besides these differences, the article about JS function is also pretty interesting. Although functions, or method, in some other languages, is not something new to me, but after reading the analogy between Making food recipe and function, I realized another analogy that is actually pretty interesting for functions. Functions for me, in some aspect, is the representation of a miniturized programm. The main idea of programmes are generally take some input, process these data in a specific sequence or conditions, and then output the processed data. Such logic can also be found in functions. They are able to process the passed data from the function outside and the return the data to the main program. So in some ways, the functions is just another miniaturized program inside a bigger software that make the whole thing more efficient and complex. So this is just something I want to talk about in this week, and I can't wait to see how JS is going to be combined with HTML and CSS and make the whole thing interactive in the future.

JavaScrip Construction Site
JavaScript Functions Explained by Making a Recipe

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