Interactive Design 2 Learning Diary 06

Apollo and GraphQL

GraphQL is defenitly a brand-new idea for me, considering this is related with databases and sourcing data from the server. But in the reference article, at least I started to unde......

Interactive Design 2 Learning Diary 05

Fundamentals of React.js

As a really useful framework for creating web-based content, interactive pages and prototypes, React.js has some really interesting characteristics that make it one of the mo......

Interactive Design 2 Learning Diary 04

JavaScript ES6

Programming languages always evolve and change. New programming languages such as Swift change a lot. Since the introduction in 2014, Swift changed every year, and now it is in its ver......

Interactive Design 2 Learning Diary 03

JavaScript Arrays and Objects Again

Here is another pretty interesting practices about JS arrays and objects. By utilizing schedualing in a restaurant and the details of the people who perform reserv......

Interactive Design 2 Learning Diary 02

JavaScript Array and Objects

Arrays and objects are two most commonly seen data arrangement features in lots of different programming languages, and such functions can also be found in JS. In order t......

Interactive Design 2 Learning Diary 01

Intro to Java Script and Function (In General)

As one of the most frequently used programming languages for web development and design, Java Script is a entirely new thing to me, besides the similari......

The Best of 2018

转眼间 2019 年的第一个月又快过去了,好久都没有来管过这个 Blog 了,那今天就把之前在其他地方发过的东西搬运过来吧

18 图来总结 2018,每一张图代表着一段经历,这应该对于我来说是最好的一个方式了吧。



快速总结 Oct 2018 Apple Special Event

MacBook Air:被判定已死的 Air 重新归来了。终于摆脱了万年的工业设计以及大果粒屏。全新的 13.3 英寸 Retina Display,Touch ID 和 Apple T2 安全芯片,第三代蝶式键盘,比老版本大 20% 的 Force Touch Trackpad,高达 16G 的内存以及 1.5TB 的 SSD,标配 128G SSD,8G 2133MHz 内存, 双核基频 1.......

Sony WH-1000XM3 2小时上手简评

外观:相比于 MDR-1000X 更大更软的耳罩,更轻的重量,佩戴感极度舒适,两侧外壁类皮质材料改为塑料,但更耐脏。



小米 MIX 3 与滑盖

来说说才发布的小米 MIX 3 以及富有争议的滑盖式全面屏。





IxD Controversy : Flat Design and Skeuomorphism

As one of the most burgeoning and recent field, interaction design is closely related to computer science development and technologies around users. Interaction design was born in the 1980s with the p......

Vis Ix Des1 Learning Diary 05

Low, Mid & High Fidelity Prototype

The process of making prototypes is always confusing and complex to me. I used to do all of my project with only two steps: brainstorming and implementation. Di......